La nueva vida de Bluebell Gadsby

2357 stars
Natasha Farrant

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Title La nueva vida de Bluebell Gadsby
Rating 2357 stars
Author Natasha Farrant
Pages Bluebell Gadsby nos cuenta su día a día a través de su diario personal y de la transcripción del vídeo amateur que está grabando. Tiene trece años, empieza a gustarle el chico que vive en la casa de al lado, se discute con su hermana mayor y se divierte mucho con las travesuras de sus hermanos menores, desearía tener más cerca a sus padres -siempre de viaje por motivos de trabajo-, recibe el apoyo de Zoran, el canguro, y echa de menos a Iris, su hermana gemela, que murió meses atrás.

Optimista, tierna, triste y divertida, La nueva vida de Bluebelle Gadsby describe el barullo de sentimientos y emociones de una adolescente: el amor y el desengaño, la alegría, la tristeza, el calor y el cariño de sus hermanos, el dolor por la pérdida de su hermana y, sobre todo, las ganas de vivir.
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Review Blue is a typical middle grade protagonist in many ways: smart, observant, suffering from her first crush, and very relatable. But she is also an aspiring filmmaker, and many of the scenes are written as screenplays of actual events. In another author’s hands this could be fatally gimmicky, but Natasha Farrant cleverly uses the screenplays as a way for Blue to disengage with more emotional subject matter and also to provide interesting subtext for the book. I could write a whole post on how effectively this works, but instead you should read it for yourself and see what I mean.

It is tricky to pick a favourite among such a vivid group of characters, but Zoran, the Bosnian piano-prodigy turned au pair takes the cake. I love that the primary care-giver in this case is male and that not only is he good at his job, but he loves it. We need more male babysitters in children’s fiction. In a perfect fictional world he would end up with Rosalind Penderwick, gentle and caring eldest sister in The Penderwicks books, and the two of them would solve world hunger.

Now THAT is fan fiction I would read.

Fans of contemporary middle grade with a classic feel, such as Walk Two Moons, Olive’s Ocean, The Penderwicks, Hilary McKay’s Casson Family books and Wendy Mass’ books will love Blue and her unruly family.


Such a lovely, bittersweet, wonderful book! After Iris is about a big, quirky family trying hard to rebuild itself after a tragedy. Written in a lovely, warm style reminiscent of I Capture the Castle (but set in the modern day), it manages to be really funny and really heartbreaking, sometimes both at the same time.

It's been three years since 12-year-old Blue's twin sister, Iris, was killed in a terrible accident. Now, Blue feels like she's the only one who really remembers Iris. Life seems to have moved on for her other three siblings, from her dramatic older sister Flora to her rat-obsessed younger brother, Twig, and his hyper-sensitive twin Jas - but all of them are hiding their own grief as they splash out in their different ways. Unfortunately, their parents have both coped with their own grief by fleeing, one to a new job a hundred miles away, another into a workaholic lifestyle that sends her regularly jetting around the world to escape the pain of her memories. The four remaining children are left mostly in the care of an overwhelmed young au pair (a really, really fabulous character who provides some of the funniest lines in the book).

Just based on that synopsis, this could have been a depressing book, but instead it was just wonderful, full of quirky humor and fascinating family dynamics as Blue slowly but surely re-enters the world, complete with first love, baby rats (really!), family fights (and reconciliations) and new, unexpected friendships. The whole story is told in a mix of diary entries and video transcripts that works just perfectly. (And some of the video transcripts made me laugh out loud!)

I can't wait to read Natasha Farrant's next MG novel!

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